The dynamics and leidenfrost temperature of drops.

Inverse leidenfrost drop manipulation using menisci - Soft.

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Dissertation Leidenfrost

Electrostatic control and enhancement of film boiling heat.

The Leidenfrost pump design consists of a closed-channel with ratcheted sidewalls to propel the liquid. A key feature of the closed channel pump is a proposed concept for vapor removal. The vapor is extracted from the liquid channel to the surrounding atmosphere through separate variable-depth channels. The Marangoni pump design consists of an open-channel with a ratcheted bottom channel wall.

Dissertation Leidenfrost

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This report presents a study on the Leidenfrost point and film boiling of single droplets and sprays. The first portion of the work includes fundamental studies of impinging droplet fluid and heat transfer characteristics presented in the form of droplet impact behavior regime maps.

Dissertation Leidenfrost

Numerical Modeling and Investigation of Boiling Phenomena.

In this thesis, the Leidenfrost drop has been introduced as a water-based green chemical reactor for simultaneous synthesis and self-organization of nanostructures. An important contribution of this work is in exploring the origin and mechanism of the nanofabrication at Leidenfrost condition.


Here, we study this reflection in detail, and show that frictionless Leidenfrost drops are a simple and efficient tool to probe the shape of an unknown interface. We then use the menisci to control the motion of the otherwise elusive drops. We create waveguides to direct and accelerate them and use parabolic walls to reflect and focus them.

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Abstract: The Leidenfrost effect influences substantially the contact of a liquid droplet with a hot surface. Contact between the liquid and solid is crucial for cooling applications such as fire-fighting, hot-mill steel rolling, thermal power plants and microprocessor cooling.

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This dissertation is divided into five main studies, which analyze different aspects of electrostatic suppression of the Leidenfrost state. The first part of this dissertation (Chapter 2) describes droplet-based experimental investigations on electrostatic suppression of the Leidenfrost state. It is demonstrated that the Leidenfrost state can be suppressed and surface dryout can be prevented.

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For instance, it can occur for a Leidenfrost droplet; a water drop levitating above a hot plate whose temperature is much higher than the boiling temperature. In this case, boiling occurs in the film of saturated vapor which is entrapped between the bottom of the drop and the plate, whereas the top of the water droplet evaporates in contact of ambient air. The situation can also be ambiguous.


Jumping Leidenfrost droplets Master Thesis Author: Mehri Baktash Main Supervisor: Prof. Heiner Linke Co-supervisor: Cassandra Niman Division of Solid State Physics Department of Physics 2012. Abstract A leidenfrost droplet forms when a liquid droplet is placed on a very hot surface. In the case that there is a thin layer of insulating material as a step on the substrate, under speci c.

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The subject of the present thesis is the numerical modeling and investigation of boiling phenomena. The heat transfer during boiling is highly efficient and therefore used for many applications in power generation, process engineering and cooling of high performance electronics. The precise knowledge of particular boiling processes, their relevant parameters and limitations is of utmost.

Dissertation Leidenfrost

Splashing of Leidenfrost druplets - University of Twente.

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Dissertation Leidenfrost

Self-Propelled Jumping upon Coalescence on Leidenfrost.

In this thesis, the Leidenfrost drop has been introduced as a water-based green chemical reactor for simultaneous synthesis and self-organization of nanostructures. An important contribution of this work is in exploring the origin and mechanism of the nanofabrication at Leidenfrost condition. It turns out that these conditions are based upon overheated and charged nature of the droplet.

Dissertation Leidenfrost

Fabrication and manipulation of non wetting surfaces and.

Leidenfrost effect refers to drops released on substrate heated above a threshold temperature. Above this temperature, the drop levitates over a film of its own vapour, preventing contact with the substrate.

Dissertation Leidenfrost

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Upload student thesis; Statistics; Contact; UT Research Information; UT Proceedings; Faculty ITC Master Theses; Search; University of Twente. Student Theses. University of Twente Student Theses. Login. Splashing of Leidenfrost druplets Geerdink, B. (2013) Splashing of Leidenfrost druplets. PDF 19MB: Abstract: When a droplet impinges on a smooth heated surface, which is heated above the.

Dissertation Leidenfrost

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To investigate these puzzles, a Leidenfrost collider was constructed on which drops floating on a vapor layer were guided to merge and subsequently jump on a substrate heated well above the liquid boiling point. The jumping velocity upon symmetric coalescence of equally-sized drops was observed to follow the capillary-inertial scaling, and the non-dimensional jumping velocity of approximately.

Dissertation Leidenfrost

The Leidenfrost Point: Experimental Study and Assessment.

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