Brian cable the last stop essay -

The Last stop (mortuary)- Brian Cable - Urgent Paper.

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Brian Cable The Last Stop Essay

English 1100: Cable's The Last Stop.

The Last Stop Brian Cable wrote the following selection when he was a college freshman. Profiling a moftuary, Cable it with both seriousness and humor. He lets readers know his feelings as he presents information about the mortuary and the people working there.

Brian Cable The Last Stop Essay

Brian Cable The Last Stop Essay -

Referencing yourself in an essay; Events; Donate; 21 May. Brian cable the last stop essay Brian Cable The Last Stop Essay.

Brian Cable The Last Stop Essay

Brian Cable The Last Stop Essay -

In Brian Cable’s Article “The Last Stop”, Cable brings many ideas that influence life and death to mind. He introduces the story with his visit to a mortuary, and goes on to describe the various details within the compound. Cable approaches the morgue and notices the large neon clock on display.


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Brian cable the last stop essay.

Brian Cable—The Writer at Work You may remember that Brian Cable was a college student when he wrote “Last Stop.” elow are some of the notes that he took while doing field research for that profile. Before each interview, he wrote out a few questions at the top of a sheet of paper and then divided it into two columns; he used the left-hand column for descriptive details and personal.

Brian Cable The Last Stop Essay -

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The Last Stop In this observation essay Brian Cable visited a funeral home to see what it was like. You could tell before he even entered that he expected very particular things about the funeral home. He expected it to be perfectly manicured, and set aside like a cemetery might be. But he soon learned that his expectations weren't entirely accurate. The funeral home was in a business district.


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The Last Stop by Brian Cable. In this observational essay, Brian Cable visits a mortuary. This is an interesting place to visit in that not many people would choose to observe a place such as this. It is also in a way creepy because I know I wouldn't care to go and observe a place like this. Cable is completely right by saying that many people ignore the subject of death. Death is a tough.

Brian Cable The Last Stop Essay

Brian Cable The Last Stop Essay -

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Brian Cable The Last Stop Essay

Response Paper on the Last Stop by Brian Cable - 318 Words.

The reading that I have chosen called The Last Stop written by Brian Cable. The tone the author used in this essay was anxious and curiosity. The author had a fear to walk into a church because he thought the people may reject his arrival. Furthermore, Cable walked in and he had saw a mortician, and followed him. Cable soon saw a dead corpse in a casket, but because of his hesitation he.

Brian Cable The Last Stop Essay

Brian Cable—The Writer at Work -

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Brian Cable The Last Stop Essay

The Last Stop by Brian Cable.pdf - Brian Cable wrote the.

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Brian Cable The Last Stop Essay

Last Stop on Market Street Mini-Unit Plan.

There is a great deal of respect and understanding for the dead in this piece. “The Last Stop” by Brian Cable uses a lot more humorous elements, but isn’t offensive or too over-the-top. One of the first humorous remarks I noticed was, “What the hell, I though, mortuaries are concerned with time, too.”.

Brian Cable The Last Stop Essay

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